My earliest recollection of taking photographs was as an 8 year old shooting with a well-used film camera handed down to me by my Dad. A Sunday afternoon highlight for me was to travel to the then Jan Smuts Airport outside Johannesburg and snap away at every aircraft that descended onto the runway. Without the luxury and vast array of lenses now available, I recall accumulating many a shoebox full of black and white prints of Boeing 707's that were barely visible.

Fast forward to today and my passion for photography is as strong as ever.

Having owned a Casting Agency in Durban since 2006, I have photographed most of the models on the Durban casting database. This has afforded me a wealth of experience in shot composition, lighting and so many other facets of photography that one seems to learn on an ongoing basis.

It is very exciting to be able to turn a hobby into a business and I look forward to tailor - making your photo requirements into something that you will look upon with pride and satisfaction.

- Mel Massyn